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  • Dedicated Theaters, Media Rooms, and multi-purpose video and gaming rooms can take many directions based on individual taste, performance and budget. Whether you are just looking for quality, intelligible sound in living room, want a cool space to watch movies and the big game with family, or want a full dedicate theater, we start every project with a detailed client discovery process. These spaces are personal to you and your lifestyle so we want to get it right. Coordination with architects, interior designers, builders and the family takes a front seat as we design the space to match your vision. At Fusion we have solutions to match every budget.

    • Dedicated Theaters – So you want a space to watch a great movie or enjoy the big game. Theaters/media rooms can be as simple as a TV or Projector, screen, & Speakers but an often overlooked aspect is room design. Fusion offers full 3D modeling focusing on designing a room for perfect sound. Great speakers easily can be a wasted investment if the acoustic environment isn’t evaluated and planned.

    Foundation ‘Chassis’ design evaluates the room build from the ground up. We evaluate room dimensions, speaker placement, isolation from adjacent rooms, and proper placement of reflective, absorptive, and diffusive panels to maximize the performance of you audio investment

    Will the room be a simple design with 4 walls some paint and posterfs or do you desire to have an exceptional room with columns, starry night ceiling and accent lighting? Whatever the end goal, Fusion can help guide you as you create a space that is true to you.

    Video technology is every changing. Bigger TVs may be a consideration for rooms with windows or you may want to take that room and apply black out shading to create the best video quality possible. Projection allows you to have a true ‘Big Screen’ feeling while not sacrificing crisp video and accurate colors. Whether 4k, 1080p or the latest video display technology, we can help educate you on the possibilities.

    Nothing is more frustrating than watching a great movie, with great picture but you can’t quite make out all the words. Proper speaker choices and placement are paramount to creating a room that you can enjoy time and time again. Surround technologies such as Dolby Digital, DTS, and THX have made immersive sound something that you don’t have to go to the local movie theater to enjoy. Dolby Atmos takes sound to the next level using object oriented, 3D sound. Directors today master movies to create an amazing experience passing sounds around, behind and over you. Imagine a music score that doesn’t just get louder to add suspense but rises from floor to ceiling as suspense builds. Sit back, relax and enjoy not listening to the conversations of the people in the row behind you.




  • Today more than ever the dedicated theater is shifting to open floorplans with comfortable seating areas and adjacent gaming areas. This allows you to choose to grab a seat and focus on the big game or fellowship with the family while not missing a highlight moment.


    • The way we listen and select music is changing. Streaming services now allow you to have access to high quality music by your favorite artist instantaneously. Allow your guests to collaborate and create playlists on the fly or tune to your favorite Pandora station with the press of a button. In-ceiling, in-wall and invisible speakers allow us to add sound to any room while keeping an eye towards aesthetics.

    • Existing homes – so cutting drywall and running wires isn’t an option? Wireless, reliable audio systems are everywhere today. Add sound to the master bath, put a speaker on a shelf in the study, or improve you’re the sound coming from your master bed TV with a soundbar and then control each room individually or in party mode to stream your favorite music throughout your home.


  • Do you love music? Well so do we! An often overlooked aspect of a whole house system is selecting a room or area that you can kick your feet up and listen to your favorite album like you’ve never heard it before. Does that space have room for some awesome floor-standing speakers or do we need to hide the speakers away while still producing great sound? We’ll help you navigate the choices and trade-offs off each solution.