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3 Features to Discuss With Your Home Security Company

Don’t Miss These Key Components!

3 Features to Discuss With Your Home Security Company

Have you ever felt a pang of uncertainty about your home’s security as you started driving away from your property? Even for a short errand? Many homeowners experience that fear before they invest in a security system.

And for many, a constant worry over home security tools is common because they went the DIY route. DIY configurations often don’t mesh with other integrated devices, they require hours of setup, and potentially cost thousands of dollars if they cause damage -- or all three.

You have another option that protects your North Carolina home and everything and everyone you love inside it. We’ll show you why a professional installation from Asheville’s most trusted home security company is worth it, as well as three must-have solutions you need below.

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Access Control
It might not surprise you that the majority of invasive property crimes start at your home’s access points, so you can start by guarding your doors and windows with access control. Smart locks, a video doorbell and advanced PIN or facial recognition software guarantees safe entry only to authorized people. Fusion Audio + Video will show you multiple options for arming your entryways so you can choose the most user-friendly one for you.

For many homeowners, one of the most unsettling aspects of leaving the home is lacking insight into what’s occurring there. Not knowing provokes anxiety, whether you’re simply wondering if your child returned home from school on time, if a package has been delivered, or if something more serious has occurred. We install systems that give you a thorough view of your property through pan-tilt-zoom camera systems that can pinpoint the action and send you notifications for motion detected at the perimeter or anything else you designate as suspicious. Our remote monitoring team will also help you monitor your property while you’re away, handling contacting local law enforcement if an emergency arises.

Vital Home Security Devices
We can’t neglect the most well-known stars of home security - alarms and cameras. Alarms serve an important role in protecting your home because they send a loud, clear message that something is wrong, simultaneously alerting neighbors and law enforcement. According to a SafeWise article, roughly 60% of convicted burglars say the presence of an alarm would cause them to seek another place to burglarize.

Similarly, cameras are foundational to monitoring, alerts, access control and practically every other tool in the security suite. They work as the “eyes” that catch the harmless activities like neighborhood dogs crossing your yard - as well as more intimidating occurrences like the stranger that passes your home slowly whenever you leave for vacation. Our cameras come equipped with advanced AI that recognizes objects, people and animals and clearly distinguishes them, avoiding needless worry. This means that while you might not get a notification every time Rover from next door wanders into your property, you’d receive a message anytime your system indicated an increased vandalism or burglary risk.

We’d also like you to know that cameras, alarms and all the other tools we mentioned above integrate right into your home control system for optimum ease. Plus, your home automation system enables access directly from your mobile device, so you can monitor cameras, answer the video doorbell, and keep up with messages no matter where you’re located.

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Home security should eliminate worries, and Fusion upholds that goal in every project by delivering top-of-the-line security installations that protect your smart home. Want to learn more? We’re here to help. Click here or give us a call at (828) 419-8000 to learn more today!