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Work with a Professional Home Theater Designer Today

Create a Customized Cinema for You & Your Family to Enjoy

Work with a Professional Home Theater Designer Today

Go beyond a traditional setup and create the ideal entertainment space for your whole family to enjoy! From a private cinema and gaming room to a media room for hanging out casually with friends, your home theater can become the ultimate hybrid space.

When you work with a professional home theater designer like Fusion Audio + Video, you can design your Asheville, NC, home’s private cinema to serve you for any home entertainment occasion and setting!

Keep reading to learn about the benefits of working with our team and how we can personalize your theater experience.

Why McIntosh Audio Amplifiers Are Worth It for Music Lovers

Enjoy Your Favorite Music How It’s Meant to Be Heard

Why McIntosh Audio Amplifiers Are Worth It for Music Lovers

You know the difference when you hear it. When you listen to music through a high-end audio system, your favorite songs sound brand new again. Hi-fi speakers envelop you in sound, so it feels like a performance is actually happening in your house. 

But to achieve great sound quality, you’ll need more than a portable speaker or an all-in-one record player. Whether you’re looking for a stereo setup, multi-room audio, or surround sound, solid speaker systems require multiple components. The amplifier and preamp are essential parts of any system, and for the best sound, we look to top brands like McIntosh Audio

Here’s what you need to build a high-fidelity sound system in your Fairview or Asheville, NC, home, and why McIntosh Audio is worth it for music lovers. 

The Residential Lighting Designer’s Role in New Homes or Renovations

The Difference Well-Designed Lighting Can Make

The Residential Lighting Designer’s Role in New Homes or Renovations

If you've ever marveled at the luxury of a well-designed home, chances are that the homeowners hired a lighting designer. But what is residential lighting design

At Fusion Audio + Video, we have an in-house Environment Designer who can work alongside architects, builders, electricians, and interior designers to provide lighting design services for homeowners. Although an environment designer’s services might be unfamiliar to some, if you're embarking on a renovation project or building a new home in Sapphire, NC, lighting design should be a top priority.


Elevate Your Home Audio with Premium Speakers


When you settle down to enjoy music, movies, or TV shows, you deserve the highest-quality entertainment possible. That’s why Fusion AV has begun offering Focal home speakers! Focal produces a variety of audio solutions, from loudspeakers to home theater surround sound. With their wide range of collections, there’s bound to be a product for every home and audiophile. Keep reading to learn why Focal is one of the world’s leading audio brands and discover how they can transform sound in your Fairview or Asheville, NC, home.

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