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Articles tagged with: Smart Home Control

3 Features to Discuss With Your Home Security Company

Don’t Miss These Key Components!

3 Features to Discuss With Your Home Security Company

Have you ever felt a pang of uncertainty about your home’s security as you started driving away from your property? Even for a short errand? Many homeowners experience that fear before they invest in a security system.

And for many, a constant worry over home security tools is common because they went the DIY route. DIY configurations often don’t mesh with other integrated devices, they require hours of setup, and potentially cost thousands of dollars if they cause damage -- or all three.

You have another option that protects your North Carolina home and everything and everyone you love inside it. We’ll show you why a professional installation from Asheville’s most trusted home security company is worth it, as well as three must-have solutions you need below.

Motorized Shades for Every Home and Decor

Explore the Motorized Shading Options from Lutron

Motorized Shades for Every Home and Decor

Motorized shades are an incredibly convenient smart home solution. You might think of them as a luxury, but when you discover how they play with other intelligent solutions in your home, you see that it goes well beyond a powered convenience.

One of the great advantages of motorized shades is how they make it easy to manage and control light in your South Carolina home. It should come as no surprise that some of the best motorized shading solutions come from Lutron, a company whose entire focus is on the intelligent management and control of lighting for both residential and commercial applications.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of Lutron’s motorized shade solutions, and why they're an excellent fit for your Greenville home.

How To Design A Smart-Home Control System With Amazon Echo

Origin Acoustics’ Valet amplifier uses Echo Dots as the backbone of a seamless, convenient control system

How To Design A Smart-Home Control System With Amazon Echo

Designing a whole-home audio and smart home control system on the cheap is a difficult proposition. To get the quality and detailed level of control you want, you’ll most likely have to spend a fair amount of money on advanced smart home technology.

However, there is a new solution from Origin Acoustics that offers the convenience of voice-controlled automation and the power of smart home control: The Valet amplifier. The Valet amp combines Origin’s proven speaker design capabilities with an easy-to-use control system powered a group of Amazon Echo Dots. How does this work, and why would Sunset, SC, homeowners want it for their home control system? You’ll have to keep reading to find out.

How Can a Control System Impact Your Home Theater Installation?

Explore How Integrated Control Can Enhance Your Private Cinema

How Can a Control System Impact Your Home Theater Installation?

Think, for a moment, about all of the technology components that go into your home theater.

There are lights, your projector, an audio/video receiver, speakers and perhaps so much more – like media-streaming devices, cable or satellite boxes, Blu-ray players and even video game systems.

Then consider how you have to operate each device independently. It’s a time-consuming and inefficient process.

It’s understandable how you might even think readying your home cinema for a movie can be a nuisance. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you partner with a professional home theater installation expert, you can add a custom control system to manage the technology in your Greenville, South Carolina home cinema.

What does that mean, and how can it enhance your viewing experience? Just keep reading to find out!