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Enhance Your Outdoor Sound System With These Whole Home Audio Solutions

Get More out of Your Music System

Enhance Your Outdoor Sound System With These Whole Home Audio Solutions

One of the best parts of living in Asheville, NC is the weather. Never too cold in the winter and plenty of warmth for the summer months. So an outdoor extension to your whole home audio system seems like a no brainer. In previous a blog, we’ve already covered how you can take the music with you outside. In this one, we’ll talk about how you can enhance the sounds of your favorite tunes and movies with a few upgrades. Read on to learn more!

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Underground Subwoofer

If you want your music and movies to have a little kick, you need to install a subwoofer. Whether you’re inside or out, a sub offers deeper bass notes that lend power to playback. Of course, integrating one in a dedicated listening room is a little easier than one in your backyard. So how do you keep your components safe while still enjoying the robust audio?

The answer is simple: put it underground. Modern outdoor subs can offer resonant bass notes and you may not ever have to look at it. By burying it underground, you can protect the unit from the elements and kick out the jams, simultaneously.

There are two different kinds of underground subs: partially submerged and fully submerged. Partially submerged units are buried directly into the ground but offer louder bass notes to the surrounding areas. Fully submerged units usually sit below a patio or deck and use the natural reflection of their surroundings for full effect. Depending on the arrangement of your system, either one could be right for you.

Additional Amp

Some outdoor audio systems don’t require an additional amp because they’re actually so small it’s not necessary. For anyone who loves to rock out, though, they’re going to need every bit of power they can get. That’s why it’s a smart idea to invest in an outdoor, underground amp.

While the independent amplifier is a relatively rare thing nowadays – it was largely replaced by the AV receiver decades ago – it’s still an important part of many audiophiles’ sound system. Especially when the signal has to travel all the way through your yard, you’ll need an extra boost of sonic energy.

Outdoor amps are typically hidden underground, just like outdoor subwoofers. They are encased in a water-proof box that allows for easy adjustments when necessary. So you won’t have to worry about some rain or snow shorting out your system.


If you’re interested in learning more about how to expand your whole home audio system into your backyard, contact Fusion Audio and Video today!