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Find the Right Smart Home Control System with Fusion Audio + Video

Our Home Automation Company Will Help Find the Perfect Solution for You

Find the Right Smart Home Control System with Fusion Audio + Video

With the smart home market exploding in recent years, the number of connected devices in your house and the systems to control them has grown rapidly. This is where it pays to have a home automation expert you can call on.

At Fusion Audio + Video, we’re committed to finding the ideal smart home control system for your needs. As the leading home automation company in the Columbia area and throughout South Carolina, we’ll take a personalized approach to your project, examining which features are must-haves while also considering factors like the system’s cost, potential installation concerns and more to help you find the perfect control system for your property.

Today’s blog will walk you through our process to help you find the ideal control system for your home.

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When it comes to home control systems, Control4 is a good baseline to start with. The company has built-in control capabilities for many popular devices already, and their open software platform is compatible with more than 12,000 devices across 300 brands. Control4 systems have all the typical features you want – centralized control from a phone, wall panel or other device; the ability to manage your lights, A/V equipment, HVAC, and security devices; voice control, etc. – along with some handy customization tools.

The When >> Then feature, included with Control4’s 4Sight subscription service, allows for precision tuning of various systems depending on your needs, including the ability for you to edit and create voice control scenes for Amazon Echo devices and more control over lighting schedules. 4Sight also unlocks Control4’s Intercom Anywhere service, which allows you to make calls to or from your home anytime you want without using a landline. You can also use the intercom to see who’s at your door and unlock it remotely, and you’ll get notifications on your phone if the system senses anything is amiss.


At Fusion Audio + Video, we don’t just offer one control brand. We give you a choice between several of the industry’s leading integrated home control brands so that you can choose one that makes the most sense for your lifestyle.

The primary feature that makes Savant’s systems easier to use is the ability to create customized scenes without any additional subscription or programming. You create these scenes by selecting a device or combination of devices and setting them to act in certain ways for certain situations. For instance, you can create an “Away” scene for when you leave your home that turns off all the rights, lowers your shades, locks your doors and turns on your security system with one button press. Another option would be to create a “Relax” scene for dinner time that dims your kitchen lights, turns on your favorite playlist and sets the ideal room temperature.

Savant has also focused on creating a smooth user experience, mainly through the Savant app. While Control4’s control systems can be customized to a certain extent, it requires more back-end programming. The Savant app, by comparison, lets you easily make these adjustments on your phone without needing to dig into the system software. The user interface of a Savant system is sorted by room, with large images and a beautiful user interface making maneuvering the app effortless. One important thing to note is that Savant’s third-party integration capabilities are somewhat limited compared to Control4, which may impact how well a Savant system can control all the devices in your home.


There are many features that make Elan’s smart home systems an attractive option, the third and final home control system that we offer to our clients.

Elan, like Savant, has put a major emphasis on their user experience. Elan systems have many of the same control features that Control4 and Savant systems do, but their systems also include the ability to go back and look at a detailed history of how your devices are being used. This data can be very useful for things like improving energy efficiency, as you can see temperature changes over time in different rooms. Elan sells its own products for home security, surveillance, media control, and so on, but they also integrate well with most major brands.

One bonus feature of Elan systems is the ability to link multiple locations together. If you’re working and the rest of your family is staying with relatives, you can talk to them remotely using the Elan Intercom system as well as control both homes through one device.

There’s much more to all three of these control system manufacturers, but now you know enough to get started.

If you want to learn more about these systems or schedule a free, no-obligation demo, reach out to our team at Fusion Audio + Video today!

You can contact our home automation company by calling us at (864) 271-4276, reaching out to us here, or clicking on the chat box in the lower-right corner of your screen. We look forward to hearing from you!

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