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Looking For An Outdoor TV? Here’s What You’ll Want to Know.

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Looking For An Outdoor TV? Here’s What You’ll Want to Know.

Summertime is in full swing in Upcountry South Carolina. While our days are warm in Greenville, the balmy evenings are an even better time to be outside. But you have a dilemma.

How do you enjoy the evening and binge watch the latest season of HBO’s Westworld? Sure, you can watch it on an iPad outside. But that small screen wouldn’t do that show justice.

Fortunately, there’s a great range of models to choose from in outdoor TVs. While you could install a regular TV in a covered outdoor patio, indoor models are not built for environments with higher heat, humidity, and – since this is the South – bugs. 

You might be surprised to learn that outdoor TVs offer just about all the same capabilities as indoor models. Let’s dive in and discuss some of the most important features to look for to determine what you might need for your outdoor TV installation.

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For Shaded Areas

Fully shaded areas, like a covered patio, are the least challenging areas for outdoor TV installations, at least from the picture quality point of view. Nonetheless, they have to contend with shifting outdoor light that may change picture brightness and contrast.

Séura’s Storm models are specifically designed for shaded outdoor areas. Ranging in size from 42 to 84 inches, they have protective glass that wards off reflections and glare, as well as withstanding temperatures from sub-freezing to 122 degrees. Naturally, they are fully weatherproof as well.

Another well-known outdoor TV manufacturer is Sunbrite. Their Veranda Series features 4K UHD screens ranging in size from 43-75 inches. They are designed to be 30 percent brighter than most outdoor TVs to provide indoor TV performance in a shaded outdoor environment. All Sunbrite outdoor models are encased in weatherproof aluminum cases that resist bugs, temperature extremes, rain, and humidity. 

A different take on outdoor TVs comes from Mirage Vision. They take indoor models and modify them for outdoor use. Their Patio Series is an affordable line ideal for covered, shaded areas, where TVs are not subjected to rain or splashing. They have internal weatherproofing and specific picture calibration for shaded areas. The Gold line gets internal and external weatherproofing and offer 4K UHD screens and Smart TV features in the 55-75 inch sizes. They also do specific calibration of the picture for partial sunlight use.

Partially Shaded Areas

Partial shade presents the challenge of displaying a viewable picture in alternating partial sun and shade conditions. SunBriteTV’s Signature Series includes the OptiView feature, with pre-configured settings that adjust for daytime and nighttime viewing. They are ideal for partially covered decks and pergolas where you would have changing light conditions throughout the day.

Séura offers Adaptive Picture Technology across their outdoor line, which automatically adjusts brightness, contrast, and color as lighting conditions change. Their Storm and Storm Ultra Bright lines will function in areas of partial sun and shade. 

Mirage Vision offers the Platinum 4K line, which they calibrate for partial and direct sunlight. They use Samsung Quantum Dot panels as the core of the set, ensuring high-end picture quality with special weatherproofing that can endure up to 145-degree temperatures. 

Full Sunlight

Obtaining good picture quality is a challenge in outdoor TVs in direct sunlight. Beside managing glare and being visible, direct sunlight can fade materials and cause high operating temperatures.

Séura’s Storm Ultra Bright has the Adaptive Picture Technology coupled with their Activ Airflow system (employing internal fans) that enable the sets to manage heat. By combining ultra-bright displays with the anti-reflective and glare screens, they maintain a stunning picture even at the edge of a pool in full sunlight.

Equally adept at managing the sun is SunBriteTV’s Pro Series. They sport what SunBrite calls Enhanced Solar Tolerance technology for full sun use, and their aluminum enclosures and protective glass shield makes it a durable addition poolside or on a sunny patio. 

Not to be outdone, Mirage Vision offers their Diamond Q 4K line, offering Samsung 4K UHD QLED panels with 1000 nit brightness for top performance in full sunlight. Available in sizes up to 82 inches, you could enjoy cinema-scale outdoor movies or sports day or night. 

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