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Protect Your Business with these Access Control Features

Learn How To Ensure The Security And Efficiency Of Your Greenville, SC-Area Business

Protect Your Business with these Access Control Features

The security of your business is essential to its overall functionality. Access control systems are a vital tool in creating a safe environment for clients and employees on your property. Beyond the obvious safety benefits, access control is also a vital operational tool that allows you to streamline your business operations and better manage employees. Access control systems also have a high return on investment by reducing downtime and overhead in the ways we’ll outline below. Learn the different ways that an access control system can transform your business in Greenville or throughout South Carolina.

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Keyless Access

In today's world, it is essential that you make sure that your employees feel safe in the workplace. Instead of traditional keys, keycards and access codes offer a more intuitive way to manage your property. Every employee gets a unique code or card, allowing you to better monitor exactly who comes in and out. You can connect your access control systems to your security cameras to ensure that only authorized personnel use the access codes provided.

From a centralized location, you can also manage entrances to your business with ease. Open up your access control app and press a button to temporarily unlock the door for a delivery person. Then, rest easy knowing that the door is locked behind them.

Access control systems offer a high return on investment. You will spend less money printing keys and have less downtime as employees will be able to enter their workspace with fewer obstacles. You may also be able to reduce staffing because you may no longer need a dedicated receptionist or doorman to manage entry for employees and visitors.

Manage Employee Access

Our access control systems gives you complete control when it comes to employee access. Each employee receives a specialized access code that can be assigned and revoked with ease. You can set profiles for different roles in your company so that all managers automatically have complete access to the building. In contrast, lower-level employers can only have access to authorized areas.

You can even adjust permissions based on your employees’ schedules so that they only can enter when they are expected to work. This isn't limited to one location. You can manage access points for multiple sites and entrances. If you ever need to find out who unlocked a specific door or how many hours an employee worked, easily monitor the activity timeline in the app to check.

A Fully Automated System

Ensure that your business is secure no matter where you are in the world. Set up an auto-arming schedule so your alarm system automatically turns on after your business closes or when your last employee leaves for the day. By connecting your system to other commercial automation technologies, you can further manage the closing routine of your business: schedule doors locking, shades closing, turning off lights, and putting your smart thermostat into eco-mode. This will save you money on your utility costs, furthering return on your investment.


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