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Train at Home Like a Professional with a Golf Simulator Installation

Train at Home Like a Professional with a Golf Simulator Installation

If you’re a golf fan, wouldn’t like to train using the same system that some of the biggest names in the game have in their homes? Of course you would, and now you can with a golf simulator installation from Full Swing Golf.

The same tool that Jordan Spieth, Jason Day, Tiger Woods and others use to train also makes for a great family entertainment option.

These advanced simulators use the latest technology to create virtual renderings of some of the most famous courses around, and their built-in tracking technology gives you instant feedback on your swing and the ball’s flight path. If the rest of your family doesn’t share your fandom, the systems can be customized to include simulators of other sports, including baseball, basketball, football and soccer.

Intrigued? Read on to learn more about these incredible pieces of technology and how much fun they can add to your home in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

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As we mentioned earlier, Full Swing golf simulators are used by many of today’s golf greats. While it’s cool to say you have something in your house that Tiger also has in his house, the real value of these simulators is in their accuracy and training tools.

To start, all Full Swing simulators use dual-tracking technology to give you fast, accurate data on the ball’s flight path. The simulators use overhead cameras to locate and place the ball before the swing. Once you make the swing, the simulator uses either line-scan tracks or infrared waves (depending on which system you’re using) to instantly gather data on the ball’s speed, launch angle and direction after launch.

These sensors also track data as you’re mid-swing. This data includes your club head speed, path, and face angle. Taken together, all this data creates an incredibly accurate representation on how your ball would actually travel on a golf course, and you can analyze that data to improve your game.

The other major training tool that comes with Full Swing golf simulator installation is its swing analysis tool. As you’re standing on the simulator and preparing your swing, the system is measuring your foot pressure, the center of pressure, the width of your stance and other factors to offer a detailed analysis of your swing. An HD video camera captures your swing, providing you an opportunity to review your mechanics later on. Combined with the ball-tracking software, the swing analysis tools give you invaluable information to help you improve your technique.


Full Swing golf simulators are also great for entertaining your family or guests. With multiple arcade-style games available to play, the benefit for golf fans is obvious, but what about people who enjoy other sports?

No worries there; Full Swing simulators can be customized to include up to 13 other games. These simulations include a home run derby mode, a quarterback challenge mode, soccer penalty and free kick simulations, and more esoteric options like carnival games and zombie dodgeball.

You can even use your own equipment during the simulations (maybe not zombie dodgeball). No matter what sort of games you or your family likes, Full Swing has an option for you.

To learn more about the possibility of a Full Swing golf simulator installation at your home in the Greenville area and all that it can add to your home, give Fusion Audio + Video a call at 864-271-4276, contact us here or chat live with us below.

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