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What You’ll Need for a Stunning Outdoor Home Theater Installation

Enhance Your Greenville, SC Backyard With Awesome AV

What You’ll Need for a Stunning Outdoor Home Theater Installation

If you’re a fan of movies, sports or just top-quality AV in general, you’ve probably invested in a home theater installation. But when the summer rolls around, you likely don’t want to get cooped up in a dark room just to enjoy stunning 4K UHD and surround sound. You want to be outside, enjoying the warm weather while it lasts! Thankfully, both are achievable with an intelligently designed outdoor home theater. In this blog, we’ll explore how you can experience gorgeous AV in your backyard.

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The Benefits of Rear-Projection

In your home theater, your setup probably looks a little like this from front to back: screen, seats and projector. The projector sits behind the viewer and blasts light onto the screen. That light is then reflected as your movie image. This arrangement is similar to what you would find in a commercial movie theater, largely because of its economical, space saving qualities.

However, in your backyard, there’s plenty of space to enjoy a different kind of setup: a rear-projection theater. In these cases, the projector sits behind the screen, which is made from a special material that allows light to filter through. The result is a brighter, sharper image that won’t fade due to ambient lighting conditions. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about anyone walking in front of the projector and casting a shadow on the screen.

Integrating Outdoor Lights

Speaking of ambient light, there’s simply not much you can do to reduce it when you’re enjoying a movie under the stars. However, with a rear-projection setup and smart lighting solutions, you can watch just about anything with minimal interruption.

An intelligent lighting design should add beauty to your yard while also creating a safe and fun environment for your family. In the case of an outdoor home theater, you’ll probably want a system that can remain on without washing out the images on screen. Integrated LED solutions that point away from the screen but give you ample light for your outdoor space are available.

Moreover, you can combine all of the controls with a smart home system. Select a movie, turn on the projector and dim the surrounding lights with the touch of a button. When you integrate an outdoor theater, you get all kinds of benefits.


Are you considering an outdoor home theater installation? Check out our blogs on outdoor audio systems to understand how you can achieve perfect sound outside. And if you’re ready to jump right in to your outdoor home theater project, contact Fusion Audio Video today!

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