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Why Do I Need Lighting Design for My New-Construction Home?

Incredible Spaces Are Made with Incredible Lighting

Why Do I Need Lighting Design for My New-Construction Home?

“Light should not interpret architecture; it must transform it! Light should not enhance space and form; it should empower it!” – Edward Bartholomew, principal of Bartholomew Lighting

Edward, we couldn’t agree more!

Light is essential to art and design, and if you’re building a new house, think of it like a work of art. After all, you’ll be living in it every day. You should be filled with pride when you walk through your new house! And to see your home in its best light, consider incorporating a professional lighting design before construction is finished. 

We’re a residential lighting designer in North Carolina who partners with home builders, architects, and interior designers to bring spaces to life. If you’re undergoing a new home build in the Cashiers area, here’s why a lighting design is a crucial part of the process.

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Designing for the Human Experience

Many people don’t give lighting much thought, merely installing lights at the center of the ceiling or plugging in a few lamps. But by taking the extra step with a lighting design, you’ll create a superior life experience.  

How? Imagine you’re in the master bathroom, and lights are installed above the mirror. That may seem like a smart move on a blueprint. But overhead lights can cast strange shadows on our faces, making us look tired. Too-bright lights might make you feel self-conscious in your reflection, while dim lighting makes it difficult to see in the mirror. 

Then, think of your walk-in closets. Where will lights go? Centered on the floor? You need lighting that suits your specific needs and, in this case, illuminates your clothes.

And in the dining room or kitchen, we often see lights installed above counters and tables. But the moment someone sits down, they cast a shadow over their meal or book they’re reading. Without a proper design, you might miss the personal interaction with light.

Creating Layers of Light

A lighting designer addresses three basic types of lighting: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. With several light layers, you can easily add or take away lighting where you need it.

Ambient lighting provides spacious illumination and dimension to rooms. Natural window light creates ambient light during the day, but after dark, we use chandeliers, pendant lights, torchieres, and cove lights for atmospheric lighting. 

Will there be important artworks, architectural details, photos, or decorative features in your house? Unlike ambient lights, accent lighting produces a narrow scope with a brighter illumination to draw attention to certain areas. Wall sconces, artwork lights, recessed lighting, and track lights are all examples of accent lighting.

Finally, there’s task lighting, which highlights areas so you can perform specific tasks or activities. It may take the form of pendants, desk and table lamps, floor-standing lamps, and under-cabinet lights. Many homeowners mistakenly use task lighting for their ambient lighting, but we recommend creating an easy way to activate and power off task lights only for when you need them.

Convenient Control with Smart Lighting

To make your home lighting more accessible, smart lighting control puts customization and control in your hands. Smart controllers like Lutron, Control4, and Savant manufacture custom wall keypads that let you transform the atmosphere with one press of a button.

For example, you can tap a “Night” button that turns on specific lights and sets the LED bulbs to a warm, golden hue. The scene can lower motorized shades, too, and when programmed to a schedule, the “Night” scene occurs automatically each day! 

If you’re undergoing home construction or a renovation in the Cashiers area, consider bringing luxury lighting to your new spaces. Fusion + Audio Video is a residential lighting designer and smart home installer. Contact our team here to learn more today!