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Word Power: Using Amazon Alexa for Home Lighting Control

Take Advantage of Voice Control in Your Salem, SC Property

Word Power: Using Amazon Alexa for Home Lighting Control

Probably the coolest new trend in smart homes is the addition of voice control abilities through devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. And one of the single most beneficial aspects of your smart system is automated home lighting control. If you’re looking for a way to enhance your Salem, SC home with a fun and easy way to control the lights, look no further. In this blog, we’ll offer a simple guide to getting the most out of a voice control lighting system.

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Using the Right Commands

Some homeowners are hesitant to integrate voice control with their lighting system because they worry that they can only use limited commands to control it. After all, if you don’t know the right words or have a thick accent, most voice control devices won’t respond. But modern systems like Amazon Alexa use the internet to decipher the meaning of what you’re trying to say so it can achieve the exact result you’re hoping for.

For example, you can say “Alexa, dim the lights,” or “Alexa, lower the lights.” Either question with elicit a response from the system asking you how much you would like to lower them. You don’t have to worry about accent, pronunciation or even language when you install Alexa.

 Integrating Zone Control

Another hesitation homeowners face is the fear that they won’t control the lights they want to command when they use their system. But in that case, the answer is simple. Just ask your integrator to designate separate zone controls. That means your living room lights are separated from your bedroom light, but can work together when you want.

If you want to turn off the lights in your bedroom, even if you’re in the kitchen, just say “Alexa, turn off the bedroom lights.” Then you can raise the lights in the hallway by saying “Alexa, raise the lights in the hallway.” If you want to turn off all of the lights on the second floor, simply say so. Your system will respond differently the more specific you get.

You can even determine how much you want to raise or lower the lights by adding a percentage. Saying “Alexa, dim the lights in the living room by 60 percent” will achieve that precise result.

Don’t Forget to Use Classic Controls

Like most technology, voice control just isn’t right for everybody. But the beauty of smart home control is the almost infinite customizability. If you prefer wall-mounted dimmers or app-based controls, your integrator will make it happen.


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