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Fusion Audio + Video Helps You Navigate the Late-Pandemic Business World

A return to the office and strong job growth shows promise for the Q3 business world, but owners and managers are still reeling from the changes they faced over the last year. For example, you might be asking if your office is ready for returning employees. After all, the outdated conference phone equipment you used pre-pandemic might not work for the videoconference-centric environment we have today.

Fusion’s premium business technology consultants and integrators will help you navigate these and other changes that come up in your Greenville, SC, business, supporting you with any questions you have along the way. Keep reading below to find three ways we can boost your operations and reputation during this exciting quarter.

Teleconferencing Takes New Shape

When you and your staff operated remotely, we can pretty much guarantee you worked from a small laptop with a webcam at some point, coffee in hand. But now that the world is reopening, the business world focuses on a new professionalism standard - how do you present yourself, your team and your office on camera?

If you’re getting back into the office, summer 2021 marks a time to put away the outdated laptop you’ve been toting around for months and return to professionally installed AV gear and videoconferencing solutions. These solutions are all powered by commercial automation that controls everything with quick, seamless user input. We install high-definition cameras and best-in-class audio equipment, so the entire staff can be more confident seeing, hearing and presenting once they return to the office.

Enjoy Faster Collaboration

Our days of in-person communication are finally returning, and many of your employees missed office social interaction. No matter your opinion in the hotly contested “Does remote work dampen collaboration?” debate, we all know that it’s what happens after the meeting that spurs business growth -- the brainstorming sessions, or the moment someone has a brilliant idea that arises when they’re walking to the breakroom. Business owners should be ready to give in-person teams a place to invent and grow.

Profitable ideas evolve and actualize faster when employees can show them off to someone else, even better if they can do so in private or a place where they can draw out any visuals to demonstrate their ideas. However, what can you do if your conference rooms remain booked?

Huddle rooms are outpacing the old notion of having a Conference Room A and B reserved for senior management and prospects. Now, that setup not only looks outdated but also disallows ideation and cooperation. We have equipped our custom-designed Zoom Rooms with teleconferencing equipment, virtual whiteboards, automated lighting, and comfortable seating, so you can pull in another in-house employee or a remote employee for feedback in seconds.

Benefit From Improved New-Hire Recruits

A U.S. News & World Report article published earlier this month declared a nearly 30% increase in job postings when compared to February 2020. This hike is resulting in a more promising outlook for 2021 graduates -- as well as the experienced workers who are feeling late-pandemic restlessness and are eager to find new opportunities.

This trend also means an uptick in competition, both for the candidates and the business-seeking applicants. Like the interviewees, you need to present your company in the best light possible. Fusion can install the highest-quality AV equipment and automation so that interviewees see a fresh, modern environment that they want to contribute to. Features like automated lighting will make your office feel more comfortable and human-focused than the fluorescent lights inhabiting most commercial spaces. Though you may not believe it, these details count in a hot job market, attracting the best of the talent pool while keeping your A-list employees from straying.

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We know the last year has presented challenges as business owners experienced more than their share of uncertainty. At Fusion, we’d love to become your reliable, knowledgeable business technology consultant for life, by installing and serving solutions that prepare you for the changing business landscape. Contact us today for a free consultation, or call us at 864-271-4276. We look forward to hearing from you.

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