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4 Reasons Now Is Prime Time To Work With A Home Theater Designer

Prioritize Safe, Engaging Entertainment This Year

4 Reasons Now Is Prime Time To Work With A Home Theater Designer

What comes to mind when you think of a theater? For many, it’s quality time with friends and family. For others, it’s the popcorn scent that greets you at the door. Moviegoers live for the breathless pause after the trailers and commercials where the surrounding lights dim and silence settles — and we all anticipate the feature to start at any second.

Now imagine this dream without children screaming, without crowds and soiled floors and long lines. The home theater designers at Fusion Audio + Video can make it come true. We recreate all the cineplex features you love while leaving out what you don’t: top-quality AV, from projector screens to Dolby surround-sound technology, meets creative design.

If you’ve been thinking of adding this key feature to your home in Sunset, SC, we believe it’s the perfect time to rise to the occasion. Not only have we arrived on a new year, but the market is enhancing user experience with new streaming and AV offerings that let you enjoy the theater you’ve always wanted, with all the control options you need. Learn more below!

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Timely Features
Revisiting familiar movies and shows calms many people, but nothing beats the thrill of watching a new release the same night as your friends so that you can discuss it together.

According to a Digital Entertainment Group study, consumers spent more than $1.5 billion on digital entertainment transactions just in the second quarter of 2020. The entertainment industry has capitalized on our desire to see more films in a shorter timeframe, prompting increasingly shorter windows between a movie’s official release date and home streaming accessibility. Now for some even better news - Warner Bros stated that they would release all their movies to theaters and home theaters simultaneously in 2021! Movie lovers can reclaim Friday nights by watching fresh features as well as engage in post-movie discussions.

A New Year, One Last Pandemic Stretch
The COVID-19 pandemic that many hoped would end last spring has lingered on. Though health experts believe an end is within sight, the final stretch is often the longest. Besides, it’s still winter, which means we have to pause our favorite outdoor activities. We continue to look for ways to embrace the increased time of family and reflection before the hustle and bustle resumes.

Improved Equipment
Even before the pandemic, technology improved steadily year over year. Major AV players like Sony and Samsung released bigger TVs with sharper visuals, alongside ultra-short-throw (UST) projectors that cast a massive image inches from your wall.

Audio has raised the bar, too, affording home theater customers more options. Dolby Atmos, for example, provides immersive sound you can’t get at most commercial theaters. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen manufacturers rush to package this sound technology in a variety of ways, from various soundbars to up-firing speakers to add to existing setups.

More Control
Home entertainment not only looks good but operates smoothly in 2021. Modern homeowners don’t want to dig through more than one remote to control TVs, speakers and more. Your system feels even more streamlined when you add whole-home audio and video, controlled just as easily. When an automation system like Control4 pairs with distributed audio and video, you can use one remote (or just your voice) to pause, play and continue watching anywhere. For example, if you have to leave a TV binge night to cook a dish, pause the action and resume from your kitchen display.

Home theaters also afford you the opportunity for complete control of your environment. Gone are the days of loud talkers, disruptions during the movie, overpriced concessions and crowded seating. Sit back and immerse yourself in entertainment, your way — with all the room and quiet you need.

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