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4 Ways to Blend Functionality and Form with Professional Smart Home Design

Find Out How to Hide Your Technology in Plain Sight Until It’s Time to Watch or Listen

4 Ways to Blend Functionality and Form with Professional Smart Home Design

Homeowners invest in audio video systems because they want to put their favorite entertainment on full display in their Asheville, NC, homes. However, they may want their AV equipment or components to blend into their homes, sometimes even disguising it in their main living areas. By doing so, they can avoid devoting room space to multiple speakers or seeing blank TV screens.

How can you achieve the highest standards in both AV design and functionality? We’re here to share four of our best smart home and theater design tips to help you get started, so keep reading.

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Home Automation and Universal Remotes

Smart home automation streamlines practically every home technology solution imaginable to elevate your lifestyle – from security to lighting to climate control to entertainment – and syncs it all on one operating system. Universal remotes like Control4’s Neeo take that simplification another step further by consolidating all that power into one interface. Eliminate every remote but one!

Mirror and Frame TVs

Samsung led the way in engineering top quality hidden displays such as The Mirror and The Frame TVs. Both options rid your space of an unsightly black rectangular box until you’re ready to enjoy your entertainment again.

Who would have ever known that the “mirror, mirror, on the wall” could also be a stunning 4K display? With Samsung’s Mirror TV, you can enjoy a dielectric mirror that looks like a decor item until it’s turned on. Similarly, The Frame transforms into artwork (more than 1,400) of your choice, including many top selections from The Louvre.

In-Wall and In-Ceiling Speakers

Video display components aren’t the only elements in your entertainment setup that benefit from more discreet options. Some homeowners don’t want speakers cluttering their floor space for various reasons. Some might prefer a minimalistic design, while others are managing less square footage in their rooms. If you’re going for a complex surround sound configuration like 9.2, it makes sense that some of that equipment gets tucked away inside a wall or ceiling. Bowers & Wilkins’ Reference and Performance lines offer architectural speakers that vanish into your home’s infrastructure for seamless sound.

TV Lifts

No doubt, the Mirror and Frame TVs we mentioned above are appealing, but what if you want to keep your TV and hide it completely until it’s time to entertain? TV lifts might be the answer. Pop-up models let your display emerge from a piece of furniture, while drop-down varieties lower from the ceiling.

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