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Become an Expert on Your Home Control System

Our New Tutorial Page Will Answer Your Questions in No Time

Become an Expert on Your Home Control System

This week we released a brand new tutorial page to help you with all your smart home needs! Not sure where to start? We’ve compiled a list of all the highlights so you can get the most out of your home control system in Pickens, South Carolina!



Alarm.com offers a variety of services. Here are some of the things you can learn from our tutorials:

-Thermostat: Learn how to adjust your temperature from your home control system console. You can create temperature schedules to automatically change the temperature throughout the day, whether you are at home, asleep, or away. You can even choose what sensor your thermostat uses.

-Alarm Doorbell Cameras: Learn how to view your live feed, talk to those who ring your doorbell, and view clips of past recorded interactions.

-Alarm Lights and Shades: Use switches and dimmers to adjust your lighting preferences and open and close shades. Preset scenes with specific lighting to quickly adjust to your favorite settings.


Control4 is one of the most popular brands of home automation systems. With our tutorials, you will become a master at using your home control system.

-Climate scheduling: Program thermostat zones in different areas of your house, schedule predetermined temperature changes throughout the day, and set presets so that you can change the climate of your home with one click of a button.

-Pool Control: No one likes jumping into a cold pool. Adjust the temperature of your pool as you are getting ready to swim and turn your pumps, lights, fountain, and jacuzzis on.

-Lights and Fans: Learn to adjust lights using dimmers and switches, control your fan to circulate air, and create scenes to complement your climate scheduling.


Lutron offers a luxury home automation experience. Just because it is luxurious doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated; our tutorials will ensure you can control your home control system like a pro.

-Scenes: Learn how to create scenes, customize pre-existing scenes to your preferences, and set them throughout the day.

-Lighting and Temperature Schedules: Lutron offers four modes for you to choose from to make your life simple: wake, away, home, and sleep. Set your temperature, light, and shading preferences so that you are happy no matter what time of day it is.

-Climate control: Adjust the temperature in your home, control your fans, and choose from some of Lutron’s preset modes.


Savant offers a premium, customizable experience to its consumers. Our tutorials will show you the ins and outs of using this home control system.

-Lighting: Learn how to control lighting in every room of your house, from turning lights on and off to even controlling their brightness.

-Climate: Use your Savant system to change the temperature on your thermostat and program it to hold that setting for any amount of time.

-Scenes: Learn how to create easy-to-use scenes on your system to make adjustments a breeze using lighting, shades, and climate control.

-Pool and Spa: Control the temperature of your pool, adjust the settings of your spa, and turn on lights and jets to complete your experience.


Sonos offers the highest quality of audio in the industry. Audiophiles will love the options this home control system has to offer.

-Sonos Rooms: Play songs in different rooms or zones of the house using the group feature.

-Sonos Sleep Timer and Alarms: Sonos can turn off your music for you after you fall asleep and wake you up in the morning.

-Adding Devices: Learn how to add players and subs to your Sonos system.

Ready to become an expert on your smart home automation control system in Pickens, South Carolina? Check out our tutorial page now!