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A Better Sounding Environment Starts With An Audio-Visual Consultant

Acoustic Treatments Create the Perfect Audio Experience In Any Space

A Better Sounding Environment Starts With An Audio-Visual Consultant

Music and movies are vital elements of our everyday lives, from enjoying soothing sounds in the spa to improving focus and cognitive functions at work. The rhythm, melody, and lyrical storylines influence our understanding of the world, inspire creativity, and provide energy throughout the day.

Fusion Audio + Video is a leading audio-visual consultant company in South Carolina that is passionate about providing a superior audio experience for all our clients – homeowners, restaurateurs, office managers, and business owners. In addition to designing and installing complete audio systems, we also make sure a space is designed to deliver premium sound quality. One of the brands we use to accomplish this is Artnovion. The company produces high-end acoustic treatments that create the perfect audio environment for any space.

Do the possibilities of better sound at your home or commercial property in the Greenville area intrigue you? Continue reading below to discover how good it can be.

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Perfect sound starts with the room itself; the size, shape, construction materials, and even the lights and decor affect the final result. When an acoustician speaks of a room’s sound, they are describing how the physical sound waves interact with the space.

As a general rule, hard surfaces cause audio to bounce around, and soft materials absorb. A truly square room results in frequencies that reflect and travel in regular intervals, interacting not just with the walls but with each other.

Even with the highest-end speakers, audio can be colored, changing based on how often the signals reflect or cancel themselves out when they overlap. The outcome in an untreated room is audio that sounds tinny and indistinct, with muddy and blurred tones.


Applying acoustic treatments resolves two main issues: ensuring audio that is true to the source and preventing extraneous noise from diluting clarity. Sound panels from Artnovion redirect or absorb sound to ‘tune the room,’ turning an okay room into a stunning sound venue. The acoustic panels come in colors and designs that complement any environment shaping the space and adding distinctive aesthetic accents.

Soundproofing ensures you are transported into the story on screen without the distraction of noises outside your home theater. In commercial environments, the panels absorb conversations, preventing the dreaded Lombard effect, which is the tendency for people to increase their vocal effort when speaking around loud noises.


As audio experts , we use our years of experience to ensure a superior listening environment. Are you ready to transform the way your spaces sound? Contact us by calling (864) 271-4276 or filling out our contact form to get the conversation started. We look forward to working with you.