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Want Perfect Sound In Your Home Theater? Here’s How to Get It

Optimizing Your Home Theater Installation for Audio

Love the idea of a private home theater?

You’re not alone; homeowners in Asheville, NC and around the country want a fully optimized space where they can enjoy their favorite movies, sports and TV shows.

But many homeowners also tend to focus on the kind of technology they’re planning to install, not the room itself.

In this blog, we’ll show you how you can ensure perfect audio quality in your home theater installation.

Ready to learn more? Just keep reading.

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Why Your Room Should Be Optimized for Sound

Have you ever walked into a completely unfurnished room?

When you try to speak at a normal volume, you’ll hear an echo reverberate throughout the space.

Obviously, if you put a speaker in the same space, it would do the same thing.

But when you begin adding carpeting and furniture, those echoes are reduced and seemingly eliminated.

That’s essentially the concept behind optimizing the room, reducing the echo enough that sound can feel robust and immersive.

But simply adding furniture usually doesn’t make a room sound perfect, especially when there are multiple channels in your surround sound system.

So how do you optimize the acoustics of the space?


Acoustic Treatments

If you’ve ever paid attention to the walls of a commercial movie theater, you know that they don’t look like the walls of your home.

They’re frequently carpeted or covered in plush lining.

That’s to help absorb the sound coming from the massive speaker system.

In your home theater, you may not want to carpet the walls from floor to ceiling.

If that’s the case for you, acoustical panels can be added to your walls to minimize the room’s echoes. That, plus the plush customized seating and speaker calibration should make your system sound perfect.


A Small Caveat

In some cases, the natural echo of the room is a necessary part of your surround sound experience.

For instance, with a 3D immersive audio system like Dolby Atmos, the echo of the room helps a small system sound like a much bigger one.

If you’re interested in integrating a Dolby Atmos system, let your integrator know so they can start mapping it out early in the installation.


Are you interested in learning more about how room acoustics can affect your home theater installation? Do you want to know the difference between acoustic treatments and sound proofing?

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