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What’s the Best Surround Sound Setup for Your Home Theater Installation?

Immersive Audio Technology Is Just the Beginning

What’s the Best Surround Sound Setup for Your Home Theater Installation?

Your home theater installation should be one of the coolest parts of your Greenville, SC property. But while many homeowners focus on the big screens and crisp, 4K images, they also often neglect the other side of the equation: the sound system. Achieving the perfect surround sound setup is about more than just picking out the latest immersive audio technology. Your entire home theater needs to work together to make your movies, TV shows and sports sound as good as possible. In this blog, we’ll explore what you need to know to make your theater sound incredible.

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The 3D Audio Experience

Many homeowners don’t quite understand the fun of immersive, or “3D” audio. Essentially, it’s a surround sound configuration that includes speakers arranged in front of, behind and above you to create an auditory sphere around the listener. Sound is able to travel naturally around the space, creating a realistic listening experience.

For instance, when you’re watching a movie about astronauts, it’s probably not a stretch to assume the rocket launch will figure heavily in at least one scene. With an immersive audio system, you’ll not only hear as the rockets begin to fire, but you’ll also hear it begin to travel over head as liftoff occurs. Immersive audio like Dolby Atmos provides unparalleled realism in the confines of your home theater.

Do You Need Acoustic Treatments in Your Home Theater?

A common question from first time home theater owners is about the value of acoustic treatments. What are they and what can they do? The simple answer is that acoustic treatments absorb sound to help prevent echoes in your space. If you’re speaking in a completely empty room, you’ll probably hear your own voice bouncing off of the walls. Once you add furnishings, that echo begins to minimize. If the echo persists, you can add acoustic treatments to help absorb even more.

As part of a traditional surround sound setup, acoustic treatments can help calibrate the audio. As part of an immersive audio setup, which often uses sound reflection to its advantage, acoustic treatments can often be a hindrance.

It’s best to consult with your integrator about the best way to approach acoustic treatments. AV installers have expert knowledge and can calibrate your system perfectly depending on the conditions of your room.


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