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3 Features to Discuss With Your Home Security Company

Don’t Miss These Key Components!

3 Features to Discuss With Your Home Security Company

Have you ever felt a pang of uncertainty about your home’s security as you started driving away from your property? Even for a short errand? Many homeowners experience that fear before they invest in a security system.

And for many, a constant worry over home security tools is common because they went the DIY route. DIY configurations often don’t mesh with other integrated devices, they require hours of setup, and potentially cost thousands of dollars if they cause damage -- or all three.

You have another option that protects your North Carolina home and everything and everyone you love inside it. We’ll show you why a professional installation from Asheville’s most trusted home security company is worth it, as well as three must-have solutions you need below.

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Our Home Theater Designers Weigh In With 3 Ways to Prepare For the Season

Are You Ready for Some Football?

The first weekend in September kicks off the long-awaited beginning of the SEC season, closely followed by the NFL’s first games the following week. Many football fans, including the Fusion Audio + Video team, are counting down the days until football season arrives.

Yes, you’re ready for football - but is your South Carolina home? As home theater designers, we want our Greenville-area clients to have the most immersive sports-watching experience possible - whether you cheer for the Tigers or the Gamecocks. Once you’ve seen and heard every play as if you were in the stadium, you’ll never go back to a TV and soundbar setup in your living room. Below, we’ll show you three places we recommend optimizing and recommendations for each.

The Perfect Media Room Setup for the Big Game & Every Game

Upgrade Your TV & Surround Sound for the Ultimate Viewing Experience

The Perfect Media Room Setup for the Big Game & Every Game

It’s been quite a while since the sports world has had something to get truly amped up over, leaving a gap in many sports lovers’ 2020. But you can start preparing your home entertainment space now, so it’s ready for the next big sporting event  with the right media room setup – and Fusion Audio + Video can help.

Make the the big game and every sporting event that follows this year one to remember with a media room you can both relax and cheer on your team in. We can’t wait to transform game day in your Greenville, SC home: Continue reading to find out how!

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4 Reasons Now Is Prime Time To Work With A Home Theater Designer

Prioritize Safe, Engaging Entertainment This Year

4 Reasons Now Is Prime Time To Work With A Home Theater Designer

What comes to mind when you think of a theater? For many, it’s quality time with friends and family. For others, it’s the popcorn scent that greets you at the door. Moviegoers live for the breathless pause after the trailers and commercials where the surrounding lights dim and silence settles — and we all anticipate the feature to start at any second.

Now imagine this dream without children screaming, without crowds and soiled floors and long lines. The home theater designers at Fusion Audio + Video can make it come true. We recreate all the cineplex features you love while leaving out what you don’t: top-quality AV, from projector screens to Dolby surround-sound technology, meets creative design.

If you’ve been thinking of adding this key feature to your home in Sunset, SC, we believe it’s the perfect time to rise to the occasion. Not only have we arrived on a new year, but the market is enhancing user experience with new streaming and AV offerings that let you enjoy the theater you’ve always wanted, with all the control options you need. Learn more below!

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