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A Home AV Consultant’s Top Streaming Tips

How to Optimize Your Visual Entertainment in Just 3 Steps

A Home AV Consultant’s Top Streaming Tips

Over the last few years, we’ve seen firsthand the real value of online streaming as many more of us turned to Netflix, Hulu, HBO+ and other services to entertain our families. Even many feature films at theaters are joining the “streaming wave” and giving you on-demand viewing right in your home.

As North Carolina’s top home AV consultant we’ll help you optimize your home entertainment systems, so they meet and exceed your streaming needs. Let us walk you through various, perhaps unexpected, steps you’ll need to take as you plan for an updated and outstanding home entertainment system. Read on to learn how we’ll help.

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Get Professional Networking Support

Have you ever tried to watch a movie, maybe one that you had long anticipated - only to find that it lagged through key plot points or rendered dialogue unintelligible? Or seen a game where a lag visually obfuscated a critical play? That’s likely due to a faulty network connection that couldn’t keep up with your streaming demands.

To avoid these disappointments, we’ll make sure that your network supports your streaming goals. After all, a strong, lag-free network is the foundation for any entertainment project we build.

During your consultation, we’ll ask about any applicable lifestyle considerations, such as how many family members work or study from home because that will inform the focus areas where we really hone in on optimizing the network. At Fusion Audio + Video, we aim to bring your streaming where you actually want it rather than haphazardly placing cable ports, routers and dishes – giving our approach a distinctive edge over that of internet service providers.

Optimizing Equipment for Streaming

Next, let’s look at the TVs themselves. Though various TV models emerge constantly offering new-and-improved features, Fusion will help you sort through the noise and find products that optimize video and sound quality when streaming. First, you’ll need to find displays that support 4K content as well as key audio features like Dolby Atmos surround sound.

We also look for displays that include ARC, or audio return channel. This feature uses an HDMI cable to send audio from a TV back to a receiver or soundbar, allowing you to use just one cable for both audio and video -- for example, from the Netflix app built into your TV or a connected game console, and then use your TV for switching.

While some TVs have streaming built in, others rely on devices like the Roku Streaming Stick 4K to enable these capabilities. If 4K streaming isn’t configured into your chosen display, we’ll set up all your accessories for you so you can start relaxing sooner.

Ensuring the Most Successful Streaming Possible

Even beyond making sure the space has a strong connection and looking into the equipment setup, Fusion will also take any other necessary steps to ensure the most robust streaming, and we have AV and networking pros to manage every element of the project. For example, did you know that we often hardwire devices for more reliable connectivity? And since we also offer the top audio installation in the area, you’re guaranteed to hear what you’re streaming the way the filmmakers intended.

We understand that the AV market offers an overabundance of choices, from brands to devices to specific equipment models: We’re glad to offer advice regarding the best device to fit your streaming needs.

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Whether you need customized networking support, help finding the best TV, or assistance in optimizing your streaming services for the most entertaining smart home possible, Fusion’s expert team has you covered. Reach out to one of specialists today, or chat live with a member of our team below. We look forward to hearing from you!