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Extend Your Fun Into the Fall With Our Outdoor Living Services

Outdoor Fun Goes Beyond Summer's End with these 4 Products

Extend Your Fun Into the Fall With Our Outdoor Living Services

Whether you enjoy watching football or falling leaves, the autumn season brings new colors, holidays, and a welcome reprieve from the high temperatures. Many people falsely assume that the outdoor fun at home ends with the summer, but we’re here to prove that’s not true. 

In fact, your open-air spaces are only four adjustments away from becoming an autumn paradise right in Asheville, NC, ready for movie-watching, football parties, music-listening, and much more. See what our outdoor living services experts recommend below!

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Outdoor Motorized Screens

We deal with our fair share of insects here in the Carolinas, most notably mosquitos and flies. Shield your outdoor activities from these pests by adding motorized screens to your porches, patios, sunrooms, gazebos, outdoor dining areas, and any other place you wish to screen. These automated shades double as a climate control feature, too, letting in natural sunlight while also shutting out drafts so your spaces stay warm and cozy. 

Patio Heaters

Though we enjoy a long summer here in North Carolina, fall temperatures drop quickly around late September. Enjoy your festivities in comfort by adding patio heaters. Still not ready to give up outdoor dinner parties? Similar to many restaurants that heat their patios, you too can move the party outside. Serve food and drinks under the stars for a dinner that guests won’t forget.

Landscape Lighting

You won’t be able to enjoy the autumnal scenery if you’re stumbling through the dark to get from the patio to the garden. Professionally installed landscape lighting not only gets you from point A to B safely but also beautifully lights the way.
We examine everything from your home’s architecture to the foliage and tree line to ensure that lighting complements your aesthetic and emphasizes your property’s features. We can also add bulbs that glow certain colors to match the season, such as orange for fall or red and green for Christmas. 

Outdoor A/V 

Last but certainly not least, we recommend the best in weatherproof AV equipment. The brands we install suit any temperature or weather fluctuation you can imagine, so it’s truly a year-round investment. In early fall, catch a movie in the pool as weather allows. Later on, gather some friends to keep up with your fantasy football draft picks. And if you’re just in the mood for listening to music, distributed, hidden speakers throughout the yard immerse the area in your chosen medium.

We Install Fall Fun 

Don’t let the most colorful season for entertainment and fun pass you by - call us today! To find out more about our outdoor living solutions, call us at (864) 271-4276 or complete our online contact form. We look forward to helping you create an autumn oasis.