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Home Technology Upgrades for Your Keowee Lake House

Bring Entertainment & Smart Technology to Your Vacation Getaway

Home Technology Upgrades for Your Keowee Lake House

If you spend all summer at the lake house, that’s a long time to go without the quality audio, video, and technology you left back home. Of course, you want to make the most of enjoying your time in the surrounding nature and water. But at the end of the day, sometimes all you want is to kick back with a movie or listen to music over dinner. 

Is it time to upgrade your lake home’s AV? In Lake Keowee, SC, you will be pleased to find the latest technology solutions by Fusion Audio + Video, our home automation company. Here are some home entertainment and technology ideas we can bring to your lake house! 

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Outdoor Audio System

Whether you’re relaxing on the hammock or fishing on the dock, you can enjoy it all with your favorite tunes wafting through the air. We install outdoor audio systems that are completely weatherproof while delivering high-fidelity audio. You’ll select songs and adjust the volume right from your phone so speakers play in unison. And if it starts to rain? Retreat inside and leave your outdoor audio where it’s at—it will be fine! 

Weatherproof TV

Why stay cooped up indoors when you have a beautiful lake view? You can trade the living room for the patio or lawn with an outdoor TV like Séura or Samsung’s The Terrace. 

The ultra-bright screen won’t experience any glare or fading, even as you watch midday. And its built-in light sensors will lower brightness by night for enhanced comfort. Just like outdoor audio, outdoor televisions are sealed against the elements and will perform through extreme heat, cold, rain, wind, and debris. 

Smart Landscape Lighting 

If your Lake Keowee household relies on moonlight and a porch light to navigate after dark, consider the aesthetic and safety advantages of installing a landscape lighting system. You’ll highlight and accentuate your home’s architecture while providing safe navigation at night. 

And when your lights are synced to a smart control system, you can activate lights remotely, even if you’re miles away. Then, when you’re back home, check in on the lake house by toggling on landscape lights and checking surveillance footage. You can even automate lights to turn on and off throughout the night, making it appear someone is always home. 

Improved Home Network 

If you work remotely at the lake house, you’ll need internet strong enough to handle video calls and downloads alongside the rest of your electronics. Many people take care to install a robust network at home but neglect to provide enough coverage at their vacation house. 

An upgraded home network will ensure every room (and outdoors, too) receives a strong Wi-Fi signal. And if your lake house contains important smart devices, we can wire them to the network to ensure they’re always connected. 

If you’re looking for customized home entertainment, lighting, networking, and security solutions in the Lake Keowee area, Fusion Audio + Video is your destination. Even if you’re hoping to unplug more often, we provide hidden AV solutions that camouflage into your home’s interior. 

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