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Is Your Office Technology Easy to Use?

If Not, It’s Time for an Integrated Control System

Is Your Office Technology Easy to Use?

As it’s been said before, technology makes a wonderful tool but a terrible master. If your colleagues struggle to use office control solutions and have to bend to the whims of unpredictable tech, that’s not a successful system.

Whether we’re talking about smart lighting, video conferencing systems, digital signage, or smart thermostats, all your office technology is made more valuable when it’s integrated into a smart control system that consolidates it all. 

In this blog, we’ll explain how integrated control systems make life easier for South Carolina businesses and can simplify daily operations for your Greenville-area company. 

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Streamline Across All Devices 

When your office’s technology is integrated into one control system, you’ll have the same familiar interface across all devices. From your staff’s mobile phones to desktop computers to conference room controllers, you’ll see the same interface with recognizable icons that everyone knows how to use. 

When everyone is familiar with the interface connecting all communication tools, your staff will feel empowered to initiate video conferences, start voice-over-IP calls, share screens, and control conference room AV successfully. 

Simplify Hybrid Video Meetings 

In conference rooms and auditoriums, video calls are only as effective as the audio and video you can capture. If the in-person team sits at a long table far away from the camera and microphone, remote participants will struggle to see or hear the conversation. 

That’s where integrated cameras and microphones come into play. We can install wall-mounted cameras, tabletop and ceiling microphones, and table consoles to address the challenges of hybrid meetings. It can be  difficult to connect and program cameras and microphones. Working with a trusted commercial integrator ensures that your equipment and sofware work seamlessly and in unison. 

Control & Automate the Room 

Beyond the meeting system, your company will also benefit from intelligent room control. With a single command, you can prepare conference rooms for presentations and immediately lower motorized window shades, dim lights to a comfortable level, and connect the display to speakers. 

Across the office, you can use the same smart system to play audio or sound masking over multi-room speakers. If multiple departments are competing for the same rooms, use the smart system to swiftly reserve a room and check the company-wide schedule. Your company can easily save energy by automating HVAC and lighting to activate on a schedule. 

Looking for a smarter, simpler approach to AV and technology? If your office in the Greenville area could benefit from an integrated control system, we’re here to help. 

Contact our team of AV experts here to learn more about our commercial solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!