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What Technology Should You Integrate During Construction?

A Home Automation Company Can Turn Your New Build into the Smart Home of Your Dreams

What Technology Should You Integrate During Construction?

Building a new home is a dream scenario. Getting to choose everything from the location and layout to the paint color and materials is an exercise in true creative freedom. Your options are endless, but one of the most exciting things you can include is smart technology.

If you know you want to turn your Sapphire, NC, new build into a smart home, it’s best to plan ahead! You can work with a home automation company to select your equipment and technology to be installed during construction to ensure seamless design and functionality. Keep reading to discover what technologies can be installed during construction.

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Lighting and Shading

A wired connection will always be more reliable than a wireless connection. Smart home lighting allows your lighting to change throughout the day to enhance your home's beauty and improve your wellness, and smart shades make it easy to control the natural light in your home. By installing these solutions during construction, you’ll get a nice, wired connection, and they’ll be ready to use as soon as you walk in the door. If you wait until after construction, the wiring for lighting might need to be redone to accommodate smart lighting. 


Are you looking to add a home theater to your new home? How about a whole-home audio system? If you are, consider adding them during construction! A room can be designed specifically as a home theater, with wiring installed for the theater in mind. If you plan to have in-wall speakers anywhere in your home, it will be easier to wire them during the construction phase. Overall, you’ll get a smoother installation that will lead to a seamless entertainment experience.


Home security is crucial, and there are many smart technologies that work to help protect your home. In addition to security cameras, smart sensors and locks are available for your doors, windows, and even your driveway. These locks can be installed during construction and will allow you to monitor the state of your entryways and lock and unlock them remotely.

Home Automation

Of course, with all this technology, you’ll need a smart home automation system to control it all. During construction, all of your technology can be wired and integrated into your system for seamless control. Then, it can be automated to fit your routine. Not only will your new build be beautiful, but it will also provide the luxury lifestyle you want. 

Do you want to incorporate smart solutions into your new build in Sapphire, NC? Contact Fusion Audio + Video today! We are a home automation company with years of experience working with contractors and builders to help integrate tech into our client's future homes. We look forward to working with you!

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